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So you want to learn more about LinkedIn’s Lead Generation Ads? Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. At JumpFly, we happen to know a lot about lead generation ads and are ready to spill the beans. The question is, are you ready for this? Are you really ready?

Okay, calm down, guys … sit back in your seats. The excitement gained from that first paragraph needs to be tempered as at some point there is a need to explain LinkedIn’s lead generation ads. There’s no getting around it – learning about ad types in a blog article can get pretty boring. If it helps, pretend slick jazz legend Kenny G is playing you his mystifying 1992 mega-hit, Forever in Love, while LinkedIn lead generation ads are described.

Put simply, lead generation ads are just image ads that click the link to display a lead form hosted on LinkedIn instead of taking the user to the advertiser’s website. Wait what Let’s say it again. Lead generation ads … are image ads … that ask for a lead form … rather than a visit to the advertiser’s website. That’s pretty cool for both the user and the advertiser.

Below is an example of the lead generation indicator in action. The magic happens when the user clicks the call to action button. There are a number of calls to action to choose from. In the example below, however, it is the “Login” button.

Hot Tip: We’ve found the Download Now call-to-action option to be the most effective.


As soon as you click the “Sign Up” button, the lead form is displayed and the user shares their information in exchange for collateral. We have had great success with whitepapers, eBooks, and even links to pre-recorded webinars. Choose anything that you think will be really valuable to your audience that clearly shows interest in your product or service. Remember, they will not give up their information for free. So it is extremely important that you provide them with content that offers value.

Lead generation ads are unique in that they offer benefits to both the user and advertiser while both parties willingly give and take a little.

Let’s start with the user. In this case, the user is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Rock is on LinkedIn looking for opportunities for him. He just needs More Opportunities. He comes across an ad in his news feed promoting a whitepaper for a brand new tool he can use to automate his leg days. The Rock hates leg days. Of course, he wants to learn more, so he hits the “Download Now” button, which takes him straight to a lead form while staying on LinkedIn. He will be happy to give you his contact information in exchange for a whitepaper with information on the automation of these godforsaken leg days.

If the advertiser had shown The Rock a standard LinkedIn image ad, that link click would have taken them to the advertiser’s website. The nice thing about lead generation ads is that the user never leaves LinkedIn, resulting in much higher conversion rates. Instead of forcing The Rock to move their finger through your website to find a lead shape, they get one pre-filled Lead form directly on LinkedIn encouraging them to just hit the submit button. Boom. Done. Plus, the lead form is fully customizable – we prefer the combination of name, phone number, business email address, company, and industry.

The Rock meets “Submit” and he receives his whitepaper teasing the automation of leg days he desperately wants. Your sales team will receive their contact information so they can contact you by email or phone. The Rock loves the ability to automate its leg days, and you look forward to hitting that warm trail. Do You Smell What Lead Generation Ads Are Cooking? They eliminate user frustration by making the process easier. From an advertiser’s point of view, the lead’s contact information is directly on LinkedIn and can be easily downloaded into Excel.

Setting up the ads is pretty easy. All you need is a powerful picture, action-oriented text, and security that the user can download or view. Addressing the target group is also very easy. Keep the audience size small enough that you are sure to reach the right people. Depending on the niche in which the product or service you offer is located, this sweet spot can be between 80,000 and 300,000 people.

The most important aspect for advertisers is that you absolutely need to have downloadable content that adds value to the user who, luckily, shows enough interest to give you their information in exchange for that collateral. Answer these basic questions: Who are you as a company? What problem does your product or service solve? How did The Rock manage to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin in Wrestle Mania XIX? Give them just enough information so that in due time they can greet a call from your sales team. Without this hook, you might still get leads but they won’t pick up the phone or answer your emails when the collateral they signed up for is no longer sufficient.

For businesses that rely on leads, our digital marketing experts at JumpFly have determined that lead-generating ads are the most affordable, highest converting type of ad available on LinkedIn. They simplify the process for both parties and provide valuable information to both the user and the advertiser. Try it out today!

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The online guide includes six hiking trails in the Charlotte area

CHARLOTTE, NC – Union Digital Marketing and Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority have teamed up to create an online walking guide for the city.

What you need to know

  • CRVA and Union Digital Marketing developed a guide for the city
  • The online tool contains six trails
  • The tool guides users with real-time navigation

The website offers you six hiking trails that cover 52 miles of the city. The online tool guides users on the path of their choice with real-time navigation while walking or cycling.

Kelly Walker, Senior Delivery Manager at Union Digital Marketing who helped create the online tool, uses it a lot.

“I quickly realized that I was likely to be one of the end users of this experience as I can imagine using it in the future,” said Walker.

The trails are located in Midtown, South End, Uptown, West Charlotte, South Charlotte, and University City.

“We wanted to provide something positive for residents and visitors alike so that they could experience Charlotte in a healthy and safe way through all these different ways,” said Laura White, director of brand marketing at CRVA.

Each trail lists landmarks, public art, and businesses that White said can be beneficial.

“During the COVID period, companies really struggled and looked for ways to share their story. We are excited to offer this resource, ”said White.

The tour guide helped Walker find a new restaurant and she anticipates this will lead to more adventures.

More trail options in Charlotte are expected to be released in spring and summer.

For more informations, Click here.

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Different and clear: why different brands play a bigger role after the pandemic

A scan in the printing press in our industry can paint a troubling picture for any high-quality marketer. As Scott Pansky wrote to Inside Higher Ed“The responses of many of our leaders to the pandemic – both in words and in deed – have been miserably neglected, causing a serious erosion of confidence that is growing daily.”

Trust isn’t all that’s eroded. All in all Post-secondary enrollment has decreased by 3 percent – Traditional freshman enrollment accounts for approximately 69 percent of this decline. And the more academic programs that go online, the more Advertising dollars. Universities are aims to increase spending on digital marketing, with non-profit colleges not far behind. It’s no secret that nonprofit colleges continue to do so Boost online ad spend, also.

Why differentiation often fails

As marketer, our natural inclination is to differentiate our institutions from our competitors. However, the more we find out how this applies to online environments and consumer behavior, the less reliable it becomes in practice.

For example, most brands share image attributes, which means that what we perceive to be different is rarely held consistent by all buyers. Higher Ed brands are no different. What Search suggestions is that most brands share patterned attributes These brands indicate a “brand prototype”. As much as we want to position our brand as authentic and innovative, there is the possibility that many of the attributes will be kept uniform by our competitors.

Use the power of distinction versus differentiation

In most cases, our differentiation efforts also fail to take into account how consumer decision-making is evolving.

The more brands compete for attention across platforms, the more people develop heuristics to reduce cognitive loads. As more educated marketers, we’d like to believe that spreadsheets determine college search, but college students are more likely to be The familiar is used by default, reduce their experiences and interactions to a feeling and then post-rationalize the decision.

The truth – and why we have to Focus on becoming more memorable – Is it easy to think about what we are buying – or as part of college search, which potential students to research first? The more difficult it gets to be different, the more important it is to focus on how we communicate our brand. To be memorable, marketers need to build and invest in distinctive character in all promotional activities.

How to Build Distinction

Special assets should be viewed as brand elements in which an organization makes a concerted effort to invest over the long term. Logos, tag lines, colors, design elements, editorial decisions, brand images and trademarks are different elements. The more assets the brand can effectively communicate / use in relation to competitors, the more likely an advertisement will trigger a brand when the consumer reaches for a category – or starts the college search process.

Discrimination is important because people are hardwired to recognize patterns. The more distinctive or memorable our advertising, the more fluid our brand becomes. Not only does this create a multitude of positive advertising effects, but it is also all the easier for our communication to attract attention in an increasingly competitive environment. As Phil Barden argued Decoding: The Science Behind Why We Buy“The signals we send – from colors to shapes to brand logos – are recorded in mental concepts that are based on trained employees in the memory.”

Below are five creative strategies for developing your own distinctive design.

  1. Brand awareness comes first: There is a lot of truth in “making the logo bigger”. The logo of a brand serves as an anchor for all brand activities and is the single most importantly Context element online. Indeed, people are when they specifically examine online environments Ads can rarely be assigned correctly to the right brand. Always make sure your brand is prominent.
  2. Choose your colors wisely: As much as secondary colors offer a new creative approach to old news, our advertising doesn’t wear out as quickly as we might think. Colors are next to logos most effective unique asset – provided they are used strategically for all promotional activities. From “Hulu Green” to T-Mobile’s pink, colors can cut through and create easily identifiable markings.
  3. Find a flowing device: Flowing devices are creative concepts (characters, product designs, sounds) that are consistently used as a substitute for a brand – think Flo from Progressive or the triangular Doritos chip. Flowing devices quickly Create familiarityThis makes it much easier to identify brands. For higher-value brands, different campus elements, unique images or a mascot can serve as a flowing aid for easier recognition in social media feeds.
  4. Design for distinctive: Whether it is graphic elements or editorial decisions, Targeted design elements can be just as powerful like any logo. Burberry’s tartan pattern, the University of Pennsylvania’s use of font and red strike, and Arizona State University’s use of recruiting imagery to add strength to the site are examples of long-term investments in certain design elements. The types of photos we use, editing choices, or graphic design choices can make our ads unique and easily identifiable.
  5. Words are important: Slogans, rhetorical devices, and typography through repetition can also help achieve higher education Brands stand out. McDonald’s “ba da ba ba ba” hook, West Virginia University’s main typeface, and Drexel’s use of “Ambition” are all ways advertisers use words to refer to the brand. Whether it’s words or sounds, consistency is always key.

The foundation of good advertising lies in the ability to connect with the brand. No matter how attention grabbing or how much we’d like to believe that potential students are completely focused on our advertising, if there isn’t a strong connection with the brand, it has failed. An investment in certain assets is a long term investment to ensure our brand is memorable and able to perform in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Chris Huebner is a digital strategist at Up up, a branding and marketing agency for higher education in

Programmatic Marketing: An Effective Digital Marketing

The process of real-time bidding, which involves buying an inventory of ads for the company and promoting it to specific users in specific contexts, is known as programmatic marketing. This results in targeted, extremely effective ads. The digital players are facing tough competition to lure customers to the online platform if they are not familiar with the programmatic technology.

Digital marketers may have demand-side platforms (DSP) or supply-side platforms (SSP). Demand-side platforms are a single interface that the digital marketers use to manage the advertising inventory account. DSP also makes all information available to online marketers so that they can possibly communicate with SSP via an advertising exchange. SSP is an adtech platform used by publishers to manage inventory. Supply side platforms are commonly used by publishers.

The benefits of programmatic marketing are immense such as advanced targeting, goal setting, price and frequency management. The popularity of programmatic advertising is being felt across other media such as TV, display, search, mobile, social, and video. The prerequisites for using programmatic marketing are understanding the technology, using a cross-platform approach, and focusing on creativity. Few companies may run their digital marketing program through a DSP, and many large online marketers require multiple DSPs to manage their successful businesses.

Clear communication and tailor-made solutions are the prerequisites for effective programmatic marketing. There must be a focus on displaying the multiple stocks, and the targeted display advertising leads to maximizing sales and profits. There are many popular ad campaigns that capitalize on the potential of programmatic marketing. The Economist’s campaign, the Publications, encouraged around 40 lakhs and increased ROI. Automobile maker Audi also created a programmatic advertising campaign that used data from its websites to deliver highly relevant advertisements to potential customers. This increased engagement.

Programmatic marketing offers brands opulent opportunities to improve their performance. The personalized ads offer high target audiences and engagement. Even digital OOH uses a programmatic approach to technology. Advertisers connect closely with their customers using programmatic marketing and other evolving technologies. In conclusion, programmatic marketing really is the future of advertising.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed above are the author’s own.

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According to Emmelie De La Cruz, Digital Strategist, 4 Ways To Increase Profits For Any Small Business

Statistics from 2020 show that women-owned businesses are currently fueling the economy and skin-colored women are currently dominating start-up development, in greater numbers than ever before. These statistics are motivating factors for all business professionals as they indicate that the current work climate is optimal for learning how to do it and for generating additional streams of income. Establish yourself as yoursown bossHas the potential to be realized now more than ever. However, starting a business is only one aspect of the multifaceted realm of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship itself rests largely on the ability to build a brand by building customer loyalty and ensuring consistent and profitable growth.

Digital marketing entrepreneur and strategist Emmelie De La Cruz is the behind-the-scenes management consultant for multi-million dollar brands. Founders trust their expertise to build sustainable success through growth marketing. De La Cruz is currently the Digital Marketing Manager for The Lip Bar and a private advisor to numerous clients. His zone of genius is advising business owners on how to grow their sales, maximize ad spend and multiply ROI and improve their marketing metrics. “My problem is customer acquisition and sales funnels,” she told Forbes. “I work every day to help my customers answer the question of how we can find new customers at the lowest possible cost.”

Looking back on her experience, De La Cruz has found that there are a number of reasons new business owners struggle to generate income. Here she shares four principles to shape your future in entrepreneurship.

Know your “why” beyond escaping a 9-5

With a growing global network of people using the digital landscape to bring new services, startups and e-commerce brands to market, the barrier to entry for business owners is low. That being said, some may have romanticized visions of what it really takes to run a profitable business. “I’ve always found that 80 percent of people want to become entrepreneurs, especially through coaching and advice, because they hate their job – not because they solve a problem,” explains De La Cruz. Escape a situation instead of finding a solution. “That mindset is what it calls the first red flag signaling that entrepreneurship may not be for you. “Successful companies recognize a gap in the market and set about closing that gap. The entrepreneurs I work for like Melissa Butler from The Lip Bar and Ada Rojas from Botanika Beauty are very obsessed with their customers and how they can make their lives easier or better with their products, ”she says. “You have to look at what you can do and what problems you can solve and focus on that,” she advises. “I believe in using the skills you have demonstrated in your job and turning them into a hype. “

Reverse engineer your goals

De La Cruz admits it took her a long time to learn how to set specific goals. “When I first started my company and tried to grow between 2012 and 2017, I never achieved the success I wanted because I had to work on two things: my mindset and my goals,” she says. With the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship and other lifestyle pressures like breakup and broken friendships, it was therapy that helped her determine exactly what was driving her. “My therapist actually let me do this exercise, which was about love,” says De La Cruz. “I had to write down all the things I want from a man and then list on the other side why I want those things. When she listed that she wanted someone taller than her, the point was to realize that it was protection that she ultimately wanted to feel, not a size requirement. “I started doing this for my company,” says De La Cruz. “At first I wanted to do six-digit numbers because I wanted to know that my bills were covered. I wanted a passive income model because I wanted to be able to run a side business while still an employee and use those pay slips to invest in real estate. “She is now working on buying her third property in less than 12 months. De La Cruz points out that goal setting is all about math and projections. First, calculate how much revenue needs to be generated and divide that by 12. Now you know how much needs to be earned per month. For her: “Based on past performance, I can use the conversion rate and past earnings to project some numbers: how much traffic do I need to drive, how much do I have to spend on ads, and how much of each type of product or service needs to be sold to meet my financial goals. “

Optics don’t make a successful brand

“I find most entrepreneurs are obsessed with vanity metrics. You are obsessed with followers. They are obsessed with likes and comments, email subscribers and sales, “says De La Cruz.” They want to be obsessed with the cost of customer acquisition. Lifetime customer benefit, conversion rate, profit margin and abandonment rate are the things to think about as these numbers are the numbers that will fuel your business. “De La Cruz advises customers to convert eyeballs into dollars by measuring their marketing efforts to determine where they are wrong and where to invest more time and resources. She points out that if the customer acquisition rate is too high, it means that the channel and amount of money spent to get a customer are not optimized or are not working to the best of their ability. “You are concerned about growing your followers when you are concerned about improving your lifelong customer value. Ask yourself, “How can I get more money from the same people instead of spending money to get new customers?” De La Cruz continues, “If you’ve already paid $ 5 to get the customer, figure out how to sell them something else after they’re in your funnel

What’s new What’s next? 6 Major marketing trends for 2020

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what products you sell. Marketing is an integral part of every company. A few years ago, it was sufficient for companies to have a business Facebook page. However, in 2020, companies will need to stay active on social media and connect with their customers to increase brand awareness.

On the website inclue.comWe’re reading the digital marketing trends we’ve seen in 2019. Now let’s look at six key marketing trends for 2020.

1 – Life cycle marketing

Lifecycle marketing refers to the acquisition and maintenance of customers in a cycle. For example, you create content to attract potential customers’ attention, provide them with more content, demonstrate why your product is better than your competitors, and then convert it.

Lifecycle marketing is about creating a unified customer experience to increase existing customer sales and convert new customers. It is recommended to use both online and offline channels throughout the customer lifecycle to convert more leads.

2 – conversation marketing

Conversation marketing refers to enabling interactions between companies and customers that mimic human dialogue. Google released the BERT update at the end of 2019, with which natural languages ​​can be processed. The main goal of BERT was to understand the intentions of the seekers and to give them better results.

But what does that mean for marketers? Using conversation marketing can increase your chances of appearing at the top of search results and converting more customers.

Make sure your marketing message addresses one or more of your customers’ five emotions, including pride, trust, joy, anticipation, and fear.

3 – Insights-driven marketing

Insights-driven marketing refers to optimizing your marketing strategies based on data from previous campaigns. Search your analytics to find out how your customers move around your website, how they shop, and what drives them to convert.

Find the most viewed and content-rich content to drive your content marketing strategy. Similarly, review past advertising campaigns to determine what works best for your business and make a new copy of the ad accordingly.

Insight-driven marketing can help you make decisions and get better results using customer preferences. It will also help you find new channels that may be worth targeting.

4 – Marketing technology

Marketing technology, also known as Martech, offers a variety of opportunities for companies looking to improve their management, experience, and supporting data for digital media. Do your research to determine the right mix of Martech that will help you stand out from the competition.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the insights and automation processes your competitors use. The selection of Martech tools you choose must help you reach your customers, retain them, and encourage them to convert.

5 – Consumer protection and KYC

The importance of data protection for customers has increased in recent years. Customers are increasingly concerned about sharing their personal information on online websites. Even data protection regulations such as the GDPR have started to fine companies with low security measures.

While this can be a problem for business owners, marketers can use it to their advantage. Make sure your customers are safe with you. Show what you do to protect your information.

Integrate two-factor authentication with other third-party security software to further improve the security of your website.

6 – Marketing transformation

According to studies by Smart Insights, many companies have no focus on integrated marketing strategy, testing and optimization. As a result, they miss many opportunities.

It is therefore important to carry out a marketing transformation. The only goal is to create a roadmap to improve the skills and abilities of digital marketing while implementing it in real time. We can expect more and more brands to adopt a hybrid approach that combines traditional marketing with digital marketing.

If you haven’t analyzed your marketing strategy from scratch, now is the time to do it.


New marketing trends appear every year and some fade away. This year, d. H. By 2020, most companies will be doing lifecycle marketing, conversational marketing, insights driven marketing, Martech, KYC, and transformation. Are you ready to implement these trends?

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Medcurity raises $ 200,000 in seed capital

Spokane-based startup Medcurity has raised additional funds to hire more people, strengthen its presence in digital marketing, and expand HIPAA security and privacy training.

Medcurity recently received $ 200,000 in a seed funding round from the Washington Research Foundation Capital, bringing the total amount to $ 737,500.

The company plans to hire a chief information security officer and for positions in sales and web development, said Amanda Hepper, co-founder of Medcurity.

Medcurity was founded in 2018 by Hepper and Joe Gellatly and offers a product that enables health care organizations to comply with security laws and HIPAA, the federal law restricting the sharing of medical information.

The product asks users questions to assess administrative, technical, and physical risks within an organization. An audit-ready report is then created and detailed action elements are generated.

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What is behind the latest revision of the brand symbol at BMW?

Some brand symbols are iconic and immediately convey not just an identity, but a number of attributes that clearly describe what the brand stands for. Such recognition can take years to establish, and most brand owners don’t want to mess with it.

However, market sentiment and behavior may change over time, and the relevance of a brand symbol to some viewers may decrease. What should a trademark owner do to ensure that their symbol remains effective without risking losing what took decades to achieve?

BMW has asked this question many times since it was founded in Bavaria in 1916 and went through four revisions of its circular brand symbol until 1997.

Tony SestoPhoto credit: BMW
Tony Sesto

Nevertheless, the world has been hit by the digital revolution ever since. It has changed the media formats brands use to engage audiences, and the behaviors and expectations of audiences themselves.

And it is precisely these digital target groups that BMW has in mind when revising its symbol for the fifth time. The new symbol, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year, cancels its previous 3D effect in favor of a flatter appearance on a transparent background.

According to Tony Sesto, General Manager Marketing at BMW Australia, the new symbol was specially developed for digital marketing and communication and is intended to convey openness, clarity and modernity.

“We want our customers to be invited to be part of the BMW world,” said Sesto CMO. “BMW doesn’t give up the past, but we welcome our future with our new and most loyal customers. A new symbol for digital marketing is an essential step in this process. ”

According to Sesto, the reduced complexity of the symbol in terms of colors, proportions and flat design combined with a distinctive font means that the new identity is highly optimized for digital marketing and enables the brand to remain flexible and the possibilities of Communicate and use digitalization and use in new ways.

“We are confident that our two brand identities – those on our vehicles and dealerships and the other for marketing – will complement each other perfectly,” he said. “Relevance is incredibly important in today’s market. To achieve this, we need to focus on being a relationship brand with today’s consumers. The new and transparent version of our BMW brand identity invites our existing and new customers to join us if we accept the future. ”

Above all, says Sesto, the new symbol reflects BMW’s transition from a pure focus on the automotive world to technology and a connection to our customers.

“We are a premium brand that happens to build cars, but we offer luxury experiences,” said Sesto. “It is therefore not only the detail of the vehicle that is crucial for us, but also the overall experience that conquers the heart and spreads the joy that is at the core of our brand. This convinced the customers and brought us a place in the best global brand ranking. ”

According to Sesto, the feedback from employees, the network of dealer partners and customers has been positive.

“Since its official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year, the new brand symbol has immediately become an integral part of our brand communication in Australia,” he said. “This is just the beginning and we are excited about the opportunities that the new identity will offer BMW’s marketing efforts in Australia in the coming years.”

Follow CMO on Twitter: @ CMOAustraliaTake part in the CMO conversation on LinkedIn: CMO NUMBERFollow our regular updates via the CMO Australia Linkedin corporate pageor visit us on Facebook:

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Tech experts share strategies for the current crisis at TNW Couch Conferences

Today’s world may not be recognizable, but our efforts to come together and create remain unchanged. Now is the time to share our knowledge, to orient ourselves towards opportunities and to imagine a new collective future.

In the spirit of discovery, TNW – – together with the supporting partner We Are Live – – is pleased to introduce Couch Conferences: Our way to inspire and connect the tech community in areas of change and growth during the coronavirus crisis. Regardless of whether you are working on finding the voice of your brand or defining a strategy for your new digital product during these times, there is an online event that offers your company added value. The best part is that you can enjoy couch conferences from the comfort of your living room.

We know what you think: no further webinar. Couch conferences go beyond the online format and offer practical workshops, live interviews and questions and answers from the audience. Interact with other participants in real-time discussion forums and expect a few TNW-like details – digital disco, someone?

TNW Couch Conferences are our contribution to solving the many challenges our community is facing. We hired experts and top executives to lead thought-provoking discussions and to inspire and educate our audience in a purely online format. ”
Patrick de Laive, founder and CPO of TNW

First the Re: Brand Couch Conference – our exploration of all topics in the field of brand and digital marketing in 2020. We welcome experts such as the CEO of Headspace, Rich Pierson, and Arjan Dijk, the CMO of, to this event Provide insights into how brands can overcome the current crisis and turn out to be social and profitable managers.

Mark your calendar for our upcoming couch conferences and don’t forget to register!

In the meantime, we are preparing for the 15th edition of our Annual flagship event, TNW2020, comes this fall and offers similar digital formats as part of a two-day tech festival.

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This AI controlled meme generator delivers the avant-garde content you need

Corona cover

Read our daily reporting Learn how the tech industry is responding to the corona virus and subscribe to our weekly newsletter Corona virus in context.

For tips and tricks on working remotely, see our articles on Growth Quarters Here or follow us Twitter.

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Real Estate Marketer rezora is adapting its platform to serve the Rapid Recovery Care community affected by COVID-19 and opening the platform to other facilities in need

BOULDER, Colo., April 7, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Digital Marketing Platform rezora ( announced today that its unique email marketing capabilities have found a new way to serve the community during the COVID-19 pandemic – by helping doctors share with friends and families of patients in The Enclave, a transition rehabilitation community in to stay connected San Antonio, TX.“data-reactid =” 13 “BOULDER, Colo., April 7, 2020 / PRNewswire / – digital marketing platform rezora ( announced today that its unique email marketing capabilities have found a new way to serve the community during the COVID-19 pandemic – by helping doctors share with friends and families of patients in The Enclave, a transition rehabilitation community in to stay connected San Antonio, TX.

Christian Reinarz, Data-reactid = “14”“COVID-19 has eliminated all personal visits to our facilities. As a result, the family members and friends of our patients can no longer visit and receive their relatives personally. Our employees, of course, strive to provide individual updates by phone and email, but the volume of such requests is a real challenge given the high priority we place on security protocols and increased precautionary measures, and a digital communication platform like rezora is critical so that our staff can quickly send general facility and patient updates “, he said Christian Reinarz, CEO at The Enclave.

TexasOur team was excited to see how we could adapt quickly, “said rezora CEO Paul Reinarz“We found that the needs were familiar to our core business and fit well with our Nurture product offering.” “data-reactid =” 15 “Known for its multi-level digital marketing functions in the real estate sector The Rezora platform has naturally developed during this nationwide crisis.” When we were asked to help this community TexasOur team was excited to see how we could adapt quickly, “said rezora CEO Paul Reinarz. “We found that the needs were familiar to our core business and fit well with our Nurture product offering.”

“We are now enabling The Enclave clinicians to quickly and easily send regular shipment updates to family and friends and redirect valuable human resources to where they are most needed. Clinicians should spend time caring for patients who are not behind a stuck. ” Desk that makes repeated calls and answers general questions. “

We would like to forward the invitation to other institutions and communities facing similar challenges to contact us directly to see if we can help. We can set up a system for you in a few hours. “” Data-reactid = “17”“This is a worthwhile opportunity for us and offers our team a concrete opportunity to make a contribution in these challenging times. We would like to forward the invitation to other institutions and communities facing similar challenges to contact us directly to see if we can help. We can set up a system for you in a few hours. “ is an established provider of email, social media and display marketing services to real estate agents and agents in the United States. Europe, Asia and the Middle East. “data-reactid =” 18 “About Rezora
Founded in 2009, rezora ( is an established provider of email, social media and display marketing services to real estate agents and agents in the United States. Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

San Antonio, TX. The Enclave is part of the Touchstone network and promotes strong social ties between patients, their families and team members. “Data reactid =” 19 “About the enclave
The enclave is a rapidly recovering, qualified nursing rehabilitation community in San Antonio, TX. The Enclave is part of the Touchstone network and promotes strong social ties between patients, their families and team members.

Paul Reinarz
303-800-8840“data-reactid =” 20 “rezora media contact:
Paul Reinarz

Christian Reinarz
210-982-4600“data-reactid =” 21 “The enclave’s media contact:
Christian Reinarz

Example of a broadcast email
An example of a broadcast email sent to a patient’s family and friends by a clinician in The Enclave. “Data reactid =” 23 “sample-broadcast-email.png
Example of a broadcast email
An example of a broadcast email sent to a patient’s family and friends by a clinician in The Enclave. to-other-facilities-in-emergency-301036593.html“data-reactid =” 35 “Show original content to download multimedia: to-other-facilities-in-emergency-301036593.html

SOURCE rezora

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