Programmatic Marketing: An Effective Digital Marketing

The process of real-time bidding, which involves buying an inventory of ads for the company and promoting it to specific users in specific contexts, is known as programmatic marketing. This results in targeted, extremely effective ads. The digital players are facing tough competition to lure customers to the online platform if they are not familiar with the programmatic technology.

Digital marketers may have demand-side platforms (DSP) or supply-side platforms (SSP). Demand-side platforms are a single interface that the digital marketers use to manage the advertising inventory account. DSP also makes all information available to online marketers so that they can possibly communicate with SSP via an advertising exchange. SSP is an adtech platform used by publishers to manage inventory. Supply side platforms are commonly used by publishers.

The benefits of programmatic marketing are immense such as advanced targeting, goal setting, price and frequency management. The popularity of programmatic advertising is being felt across other media such as TV, display, search, mobile, social, and video. The prerequisites for using programmatic marketing are understanding the technology, using a cross-platform approach, and focusing on creativity. Few companies may run their digital marketing program through a DSP, and many large online marketers require multiple DSPs to manage their successful businesses.

Clear communication and tailor-made solutions are the prerequisites for effective programmatic marketing. There must be a focus on displaying the multiple stocks, and the targeted display advertising leads to maximizing sales and profits. There are many popular ad campaigns that capitalize on the potential of programmatic marketing. The Economist’s campaign, the Publications, encouraged around 40 lakhs and increased ROI. Automobile maker Audi also created a programmatic advertising campaign that used data from its websites to deliver highly relevant advertisements to potential customers. This increased engagement.

Programmatic marketing offers brands opulent opportunities to improve their performance. The personalized ads offer high target audiences and engagement. Even digital OOH uses a programmatic approach to technology. Advertisers connect closely with their customers using programmatic marketing and other evolving technologies. In conclusion, programmatic marketing really is the future of advertising.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed above are the author’s own.

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